December 24, 2009
They closed down the highways today.
They closed down the malls today.
The crowds are at home today.
The crowds watch tv today.

There's this crazy motion going about town, it comes around whenever the post office closes. There's this ring, not a wedding ring, but a ring in your ears. Not an earring either, its deeper than that. It's a tone that keeps on playing even when there's other things to be heard. Restlessness is what they call it.

Old Joe drove a bus for forty years, he finally retired last year. Come to think of it, he retired right on the day the malls closed. Joe, still drives his bus though. There's no gas in the tank, but every morning he gets up and drives his bus to nowhere. Never takes his foot off the brakes. But he still sits there. Staring at a road, that for fourty years took his life away.

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