Someone Doesn't Feel Freee

December 24, 2009
The sun rises over a calm town
As children surround a tree
And presents are found
But someone doesn’t feel free

He doesn’t feel overcome with emotion
Or as though he has what he wanted
He doesn’t feel drunk with a potion
Instead he feels haunted

He looks and looks
For his greatest dream
He searches crannies and nooks
But he has nothing it would seem

He only wants one thing
But that thing is not there
He asked one item for Santa to bring
But this thing the tree does not bear

This Christmas brought sadness
Not one is filled with glee
There is only madness
Because someone doesn’t feel free

His anger fills the room
As his siblings feel his sorrow
And his dreams are in a tomb
As he hopes for a better tomorrow

And so the sun shall fall
As this night will be
The saddest night of all
Because someone doesn’t feel free

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