Forever Different Autumns

December 24, 2009
By FONSI... GOLD, Park City, Utah
FONSI... GOLD, Park City, Utah
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When a tree sends it's leaves all the way to the ground it should be the tree's time to rest, until spring comes and a new green soul settles in the trunk.

But my grandfather tree spread his love and life so much that he ended up with Alzheimer's, so he had only so many more leaves to grow and springs to experience.

But he decided to stop growing forever after that year's Autumn. He took away any chance of a new spring.

He let the worried wind control his life until he took it.

But I have spent so much time in the same groove as his stong stalk. How am I supposed to fill the depression in the soil his roots left behind?

Autumn passed again already and I still hold onto his rotting memories.

I used to grow gentle Apple Blossoms. But I must have become forever, a Weeping Willow.

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