On Going Cycle

December 20, 2009
By amac09 BRONZE, Monmouth Junction, New Jersey
amac09 BRONZE, Monmouth Junction, New Jersey
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life, a cruel but unsetteling battle full of unfamiliar challanges on must face in order to achieve the ultimate goal. valor and dignity are key to standing strong against the winds of time and the rains of sorrows. the only shield that may serve as protection is one no two beings have. the truth of equivication may hurt but will only benefit in the long run and express that truth holds blindness to beauty and trust. the weight of sins will will sink the stepping stones of life into the mud causing one not to be able to view their past with ease, for they will have to retrace steps that no longer exist and will continue to search and not even witness the present passserby. the experiences can not be relived through the eyes of the experienced for those must be shared and given to those who lack knowlege in aspects that mean most and impact one's soul as a whole.

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