December 20, 2009
Maybe is just a crush,or im not good enough cuz you know about my feeling but still nothing givin.should I keep holding on to what for you appear to be I aint even gon front everytime I look atchu I swear I can touch the sun. I picture roses,and chocolate swbut your heart still says nothing.

You always say ill call you back and I think aiight no doubt.three hours pass and im still sitting on this couch im getting caugh up game with a girl whos play out.cuz im just your weekend game than you go back to your man.but mami don't get me wrong cuz i aint trynna hate but there's something aboutchu that got me hopin que tu romps con el..but maybe im rushing,this is just to soon cuz at the end of the day is just him me and you.

I like you man that's whatchu always say and it keeps bringing me back but mami you keep repeating the same lyrics and im starting to hate the ima step back and play like I don't care.cuz one day you gon call and I swear I won't be waiting sorry if I make It hard for you but I aint nobodys game and I don't want it to be him me and you again.don't get it twisted I aint trynna letchu go.but if you wanna be with him why don't you just let me go.

I will baby just be strong man this words are stuck on ma head like the lyrics to a song..but this is getting kinda old and im losing all my strength cuz I want to be with you but you wanna be with I decided to move on I am doing this for me cuz there would never be and us when he's always in between.

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