I meant to tell you this.

December 20, 2009
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I meant to tell you, before i forget:
I remember when you first hit me.

I remember crying for it to stop.
The alcohol in your breath telling me no.

I remember the next day,
you were so sorry and swore it would never happen again.

I remember when you did it again
and many times after that.

I was so young and naive while
you know I didn't understand.

I remember we walked through the woods and you said you would love me forever.
When i got tired and told you I no longer loved you,
you called me a liar, hit me, and said I was yours.

We used to lay together under the night sky,
and you wished upon shooting stars that I'd be there forever...
We, or I, didn't know those times would end.
You said i was the light in your eyes.
You didn't care when you destroyed that light...

When i cried after you did what you always did,
you laughed and called me weak and pathetic.
I had nowhere to turn but to alcohol.
You watched me try to drown myself in liquor, silently...

The first time you took things too far,
you took away my dignity and respect for mysel.
You smiled when i finally gave up.
You took your anger out on me,
and i eventually accepted this as life.
You loved me accepting that i was your property.

One day you told me noone else could love me like you did,
noone would want me after we were through.

You were wrong.
You took me or granted,
your actions helped me leave,
and helped me get away.

We were young when i loved you.
It seems like that was all a dream.

It was a while ago...
But i remember you were the one who took my life away
and all the things we did together.
I meant to tell you that.

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