Orange Shirt Man

December 19, 2009
Orange shirt man,
Waiting at the doorstep for my arrival,
Waiting- waiting til I notice the color of his shirt.
Waiting to say the same old remark.
Waiting to see my smile.
Orange shirt man,
Sits in a comfy chair,
Watching young kids play.
Waiting- waiting to have food races with them,
Waiting, to purposly lose.
Orange shirt man,
Laying in a chair.
Coughing- coughing, kids wait til he heals,
Patiently waiting.
Orange shirt man,
Not waiting at the doorstep,
Not having food races,
Not around.
Orange shirt man,
Sitting in a chair,
A cold, stiff, wheeled chair.
Orange shirt man,
Sitting in that chair,
Motionless- motionless, sitting there.
Orange shirt man,
Mute and distraught.
Yet still functioning with a heart.
Loving, remembering, thinking about.
The memories that he brought.

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