December 19, 2009
I dive into Your emotions.
I swim into Your thougths.
I sink in Your depression.
I try and help this insanity.

I live for Your body,
as I gulp down Your essence.

Running through Your words,
as I'm smothered by Your eyes.

Falling through Your touch,
as I cringe to my though of me no longer being here.

Or there.
No where.

Land of love.
Body of hatered.
Mound of kindness.
Whole of dispear.

I laugh with Your heart,
as we watch this world fail.

I hold Your mind,
as we end these lives.

We both free our sanity.
We both keep our insanity.

Dive back into reality
to be real for Your

Just a cycle of misleads
and unforgettable deeds.

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DrumLover60 said...
May 31, 2011 at 11:52 am
I love this poem!! It reminds me of someone I know...
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