i cant breathe.

December 19, 2009
By taylorxpaige SILVER, Houston, Texas
taylorxpaige SILVER, Houston, Texas
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i cant breathe.
all i do is cry now.
i rarely eat.
all my emotions are spinning.
i dont smile anymore.
all i do is lay in bed thinking. questioning.
you say its for my own good.
you are whats good for me.
you say its so i dont get hurt.
you are what cures me.
you say its cuz your not sure if your doing it right.
you are doing everything right.
you say your not ready.
i would have taken it slow.
what we had was worth waiting every second of every day.
i would have done it for you.
i would have done anything for you.
you ask me whats wrong.
i tell you im fine.
you say i know you too well to know you lying.
i say im not.
you tell me you still care about me deeply.
i dont know if its true.
you ask me why all these things are happening to me.
i tell you i dont know.
i really do though.
you ask me again.
i tell you why.
and again...i cant breathe.

The author's comments:
breaking up.

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