December 19, 2009
When I was two my
Sister and I played almost all day.

One day we stared a race
Running up the basement stairs as fast as we could

Feet pounding hearts racing
Then to get in front of me my sister

Shoved and pushed
I tumbled to the hard cement ground

I clashed hitting my face with a bang
Feeling my eye stinging with pain

Then I blacked out
And woke with fright

I was stunned then started to cry
Then to scream as my body ached

I felt odd kind of floaty
Then I was not in my body

I was watching my body
Bruised and swollen

My legs and arms
Spread out like a bowl

Of pasta that had hit the ground
Noodles flung in all directions

The next thing I knew
I was at the hospital

The doctors checking
My black and blue swollen shut eye.

But saying I was okay even though
I fell from 6ft onto cement

They said that I had enough sinus cavities
To cushion my fall

So I did not hurt myself too badly.

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