December 19, 2009
Suppose you hadn’t been there that night

Suppose you hadn’t stepped outside for a breath of fresh air

Suppose you and her weren’t fighting

And you hadn’t needed to get away

Suppose you hadn’t met me

You didn’t walk up

And see me there

Standing on the ledge

Shoes on the balcony

Suppose you hadn’t asked me what I was doing

And I hadn’t turned and asked you who you were

Suppose you hadn’t walked up to me

And joined me on the ledge

And told me to look up at the stars

And gaze into the moon

Suppose you hadn’t reached your hand down

And intertwined your fingers with mine

And suppose I resisted

And turned and apologized

And inhaled as I took a step

Onto an invisible stage

Where would I be now?

And you?

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