December 19, 2009
take my hand
take me towards the light
let us run through the fields
and lay among the flowers

chase me to the moon
i am already on my way
let us run through the clouds
and lay among the stars

i want to breathe
i want to feel
let us run through the rain
and lay among the puddles

let us feel the sun
and let us stop and smell the roses
let us laugh until we ache
and let our smiles brighten the world

may we find light in the darkness
and may we find love among the grieved
may we find peace in the chaos
and may we find unity among the divided

and then i will
and in my aloneness i will

i will take all that i have learned
from the fields and the flowers
from the moon and the stars
from the puddles and the rain

and i will live.

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