Letting you go

December 19, 2009
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I walk into your room,
your hospital room.
and see you,
my best friend,
lying there.
your eyes shut tight.
I take slow steps,
towards your bed,
and freeze when I see,
the cuts and bruises
that lay on your body.

I take your hand,
and squeeze it tight,
calling your name,
begging you to come back.
tears rolling violently,
down my cheeks.
The doctor that look me to you,
lightly touches my shoulder
"1 minute" he says.
I look at him,
my eyes pleading for more time
as if he read them,
he shakes his head.
"We've waited long enough."
i nod silently.
tears still rolling down my cheeks,
i squeeze your hand,
then lean down,
and give you a kiss on the cheek.
I lean close to your ear.
"Goodbye" I whisper.
the doctor takes
what is keeping you alive
and the breathing monitor
goes blank.

I look at your sweet face,
one more time.
i turn,
and walk out of,
the hospital room door,
not wanting to look back,
because if i do,
ill never be able
to stop my tears,
from flowing.

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