I Want Us To Be Aware

December 19, 2009
I mentioned in a song that words can flow as long as the Nile River
my wording and diction are what make people chipper
they get excited, like kids on Christmas Eve
to look on their laptop and see a gift from the King
from me to you, is what the description reads
to whoever it may concern or please
i want you to be apart of my history

I want to be socially aware,
as the planes fly over head,
and the bombs through the air
as the economy grows but the money still slows
all i can really count on is my flow
As women are abused and condoms aren't used
i want to be the loud voice that helps to sooth
a loud voice is more likely to gets its meaning through
because isnt a soft voice meaningless to you?
i've tried a quiet riot but now the time is here
to make 2010 one awesome year...

I want you to be aware too
understand the depths of what people do
an immigrant does not always equal criminal
but criminals are why we stand like sentinals
guarding so these people can't get passed
but everyone's an immigrant, news flash
Only one people were actually here first
but now they are but a small population of Earth
and of the United States, such a grand ol' place
where people live without water to splash on their face
no running water if their water runs
and if they need more supplies,
well they're done

As Americans we should not try to pretend as if the past didn't happen
But we cannot dwell as well
In fact simple acknowledgement is what i seek
I seek it for those who cannot speak
loud enough to let their demands be met
you will remember about the loud voice yet

We are aware now..

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