Birds Soar and Fireflies Light

December 19, 2009
By Lovewithoutregret BRONZE, Moberly, Missouri
Lovewithoutregret BRONZE, Moberly, Missouri
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Alone in a crowd. The person everyone forgets to invite. Overlooked. Lonely. Invisible. Lost. Life isnt always easy. While you are guaranteed a glorious hope and eternity in Heaven as a believer, sometimes making it through this life just seems like too much. "It's too hard. I can't do it. It hurts to much. I'm a dissapointment." Sometimes it seems like depression and pessimisim would better describe us than phrases like joy, unspeakable, and eternal optimism.
It's a new year, but that doesnt mean all of your longings, depressions, and doubts have faded away. When you feel forgotten, overlooked, or alone in a crowd of believers who have it all "together" God knows. This life isn't hopeless, and He wants to give us hope when we have none. God doesn't abandon us or forget His children.

You're the only one
Who made me feel wanted
But I guess I'm not enough for you
You're the only one
I could tell everything to
And now you just seem to be moving further apart
I don't know how to handle the pain i feel inside.
Birds soar through the open sky
And fireflies light up the night
But I don't see them
For I sit in my room from day to night.
Without you around I perfer to hide.
I need you here by my side
So that I can see the
Birds soar through the open sky
And the fireflies light up the night.
I just want to feel you touch,
Lock your hand in my hand
And feel free to fly away.
I want those butterflies back in my stomach.
Lets go outside in the starlit night
So that I can watch the
Birds soar in the open sky
And the firelies light the night sky.

The author's comments:
about a heartbreak :/

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