Left with a story to tell

December 19, 2009
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What happens you feel betrayed and only loved half way do you give up and give in cuz you feel its worth nothing??? Or do you stop and think about what that person said to make to cry!!!? Then fire back like a freakin cannon and scare them away so they will leave and be gone so gone so far that you forget about what was said but 4 give and 4 get doesn't fly with me becuz you hurt me so bad I won't for get this becuz when u say sorry you really don't mean it becuz you say it with a snair cuz you feel its ok to step on and trample on me like I've never exsisted becuz when you finally grow tierson of your harsh approch I won't be there to tell you everthings ok cuz baby its not its never ok to tell let someone feel they are worth nothing in this world becuz thats what you do... so when I'm gone you'll be wishin that you were here to tell me you loved me becuz now I'm gone and I'm not coming back to listen to you (GoodBye) farewell.... peace....Always will love you!!!

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