The Mirror Does Not Lie

December 19, 2009
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Fire fills my heart
As I stare back into the hollow eyes
That gaze upon me so intently
Those deep and soulful eyes
Fill with pain and anger and hatred
Absorbed by their power
I cannot look away
The world seems to melt away
And the only people left are me and this stranger
As I stare at the reflection
Memories come flooding back
The suffering I went through
The misery my life was filled with
The hopelessness I felt and desperation to be freed
Now I am trapped, a prisoner of my mind
Stuck forever with the haunting past
Which this face so clearly depicts
Words cannot describe
The loathing I felt towards the reflection
It was a memorial
Of everything everyone went through
A symbol of defeat
I cannot escape it
Staring into that face
Infixed in the steady gaze
It tears me apart slowly inside
Those eyes are windows to my soul
Which can never be closed or hidden
I’m slowly digging my own grave
As I cannot look away and save myself
And it’s killing me to remain entranced
Thinking on the past I left
Looking into the mirror I know
I can never forget
This is not the little boy I once knew
This is the face of one who’s seen too much too soon
Who’s matured and weary of living
Whose face shows sorrow unlike any other
He looks so old and dirty
It cannot be real, I refuse to believe it
I finally force myself to break the spell
And look away
But the memory is etched in my brain
Forever and always
The mirror shows my inner soul
And denying it will do no good
The mirror does not lie

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