Suicide. Simple enough.

December 31, 2009
By Anonymous

It's sad.
When you can't even distinguish the difference of doing something out of selfishness,or out of pain.
Wondering what people you've impacted will do,how they'll react.
if you're story will be on the news.
Wonder if it's important enough.

It's sad.
When there's no one around that you can tell,out of fear of what they'll say.
When you can't walk around,being proud of who you are.
Wondering if you sound conceited enough to others,confirming they don't suspect a thing.
Such things. I don't want my parents to know. They're bound to find out eventually,when they find my lifeless corpse lying breathless,pulseless in some place. Inconveinance to their plans for the week.

It's sad.
When reasons to leave outweigh the reasons to stay big time.
I don't want to hurt anyone,just me. But I'll only feel the pain for so long.
then I can finally rest. Let go of everything. Forget the world.

It's sad.
When a simple comment on your looks from a tramp at school who doesn't even matter,could push you over the edge you were already standing on.
Just a look from someone would be to much.
I shouldn't care so much.I don't know why I do.

It's sad.
When you can enjoy moments with your closest friends,and they have no idea that those are the last one's you'll share.
Nothing I used to do appeals to me anymore. I can't talk myself out of it. I can be happy. I can laugh and have a good time,in the back of my mind,screaming louder and louder,'I want to die.'

is it such a hard question?


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