Thoughts from the Summit of Sunday

December 31, 2009
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And fall up
Inside out
Get up, asleep
And dream
Habituate the randomness
Practice the unknown
Live to die
In the immortal sky
And try
F why
Make love to the stars
So you can fly
Don’t plan
Just stand
With your back to
The man
He won’t see you smile
So dance for awhile
And then dip
In the ocean of bliss
Ditch judgment day
To redefine the way
As you eternally smoke the
Pipe of ease
And forever drink the
Liquor of later
It’s smooth
It’s rude
Gets you in the mood
Since it’s nice on the ice
Is your vice
It must be raw
To be the
Divine awe
Of life
Without strife
So put down your knife
And get on your knees
To hail Socrates
For he required what’s true
That’s one big shoe
Try filling it up
Its better rough
You’re chief
You’re king
So sing
Commit to
The Poison of difference.

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