A poem for no one.

December 31, 2009
By Homskllet SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
Homskllet SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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If I get to see you ever again,
It will have been to long.
I miss the simple times,
When you were just a phone call away.
But I must forget
The tarnished memories of you and I
Because, there never was a you and I
Like seeing a sea horse,
In love with a cat.
It hasn’t ever happened,
And the smart moneys on it never happening.
The craziest thing is that we
Could have once been something,
But I ruined that too.
So if there's ever to be another chance for us,
Lets both make like humans,
And not even bother trying.

The author's comments:
What a suprise, it's about a girl.

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