December 31, 2009
By amiyake13 BRONZE, Honolulu, Hawaii
amiyake13 BRONZE, Honolulu, Hawaii
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You try to move that arm
And attempt to pull
Yourself up and out
Of that cold liquid.
You don't succeed
You feel the pressure on your chest
Your ears are subjected
To the water's pounding fists
You succumb to the deafening silence
You can't open your eyes
In fear for what you might see
In fear that you will see the reflection
Of yourself drowning
You try to reach for the surface
But fail
Only to hit rock bottom and sink
Down to the abyss and then you look up
And then you see your life flash by
To your right was the vision of your future
To your left was your love
In front of you was your face
Now ashen and lifeless
Your lips purple
Your eyes dull
Your cheeks gray
Behind you
You feel Death's pull
Then you realize
That it isn't over and you
Use that hidden strength and emerge to the surface
Your reflection of your face
Now flushed and determined
Your lips showing some pink
Your eyes showing spark
Your cheeks red from the harsh cold
Death's grip is loosened and now
To your right is no longer was
But is your future
To your left is no longer was
But is your love
You open your eyes wide
And your life slows down to a pleasant speed
Now you breath in and then,
Breath out...

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