The Crying Caged Bird

December 31, 2009
By Anonymous

I cry so much
The tears burn as they fall off my cheek
Onto my piece of paper
Causing the ink that formed my words
To bleed into the pores
Of the paper.
The ink is red,
Like a rose,
Like blood.
Do I cry out blood?
Or do I cry out tears,
I do not know for I am just crying
Crying while trying to figure
Out what is wrong with the
Words in my life
I find no comfort at "home"
Only given the feeling of a lecture hall
I find no comfort with my "family"
For they only make me feel:
Crying, that is all I can do for now
Til I can fly out of this cage
And be free
I'll fly South
I'll fly North
I'll spread my wings to the East
And West.
I will find my home and family
But until then
I am a crying, caged bird.

The author's comments:
I feel like I am drowning all the time and I needed to let it out and by expressing this harsh burden I felt like I could finally breath... I hope people will see themselves better and see hope in their future and won't give up. Giving up is a horrible thing to do, you can't fight back and you can't be resilient...

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