I Am Not A Number

December 31, 2009
By Andersen BRONZE, Patterson, California
Andersen BRONZE, Patterson, California
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i am not a number
i am not a grade

i am more than a high point award
more than anything you can say

you may only know my accomplishments
but i have my failures too

i wonder if you knew them
what you would do

would you still care to inquire on how i’ve done?
would you cheer for me as i swim towards the sun?

would you still ask me your questions at the end of the day?
would you just walk away?

i may have lost a fight or two
but that doesn’t change who i should be to you

why do you stare at me with pity now?
you’re making me feel like dog chow

i swear i haven’t changed since yesterday
yet your view of me has been replaced

i feel like dust currently
rather then the friend i’d hoped to be

i feel empty inside
like my life is but a lie

I just wanted you to know
so you might stop and bring me aid

for I am more than a number
I am more than a grade

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