Falling Freely

December 30, 2009
By , Saint Paul, MN
My feet are stuck in the cooling cement.

I try to lift my small, swollen, blue feet from the spot where they are stuck.

I feel as if my whole body is turning into the very cement I stand in.

I am stuck in one place taking shot after shot, weird look after weird look.

All I want to do is pull people's eye's out of the sockets they belong in.

I don't want to feel like I have the weight of an giant on my shoulders, while people gawk and just watch while my body sinks further in the cement and hardens.

I know I am different, I am sick, I have known and have taken and understood the very essence of what it means.

What makes my body and the cement harden even faster is when the people around don't try to understand and all they do is misinterpret.

They act and talk like they understand when really they are just spraying their nasty shit everywhere.

It poisons me even more and makes me sicker, and then they ask me whats wrong?

Whats wrong is your the reason why I am dying.

I need you to leave and let me rest in piece.

I want to be able to be free and have the last part of my life, or at least the remaining part of it, be fun.

For the beginning of my tireless life was as terrible as the genocide that goes on in Africa.

All I ask is let this sick, tired, young, gay man, die freely.

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