Rise Up Ye Phoenix

December 30, 2009
By citrus_aurantifolia BRONZE, Red Lion, Pennsylvania
citrus_aurantifolia BRONZE, Red Lion, Pennsylvania
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As we run through the ages the clocks never stop.
Pour glasses of laughter on wilting belladonna;
place droplets of valor into sprigs of mullein,
We have but a moment in the grand scheme of time.
Hearts beating, fall faster now,
lift them up as the rhythm of life pulses on.
We live like we’re gonna live forever,
we love like they’re not gonna change.
The sun laughs at mortals who
squander their days in sedation or anger.
And so, Alas!
Rise up ye phoenix,
whose ashen wings have forgotten how to fly.
Rise to the top of the hill, the tip of the mountain.
Greet the day with zeal; don’t let them pull you down.
Hail the wind with compassion,
let it swell your courage as you reach out.
For the sun shines eternally
on those who truly feel it.

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