More Than Good

December 30, 2009
By NatalieD. GOLD, Orlando, Florida
NatalieD. GOLD, Orlando, Florida
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One day when I'm dead and gone
Their tears will fall upon my face
While I lay there still and cold
My spirit lingers unseen and distant
Watching them pray and morn
Themselves dry
They say the common words
That goes right through my heart
Not leaving a trace
Or meaning a thing
Their eyes stare intensely
Penerating the ground
Where many feet will walk
Above me
I am forgotten
Nowhere in mind
The sun brings tomorrow
Telling Earth to move on
Now and then I'm a good kid
Everyone's a good kid
When they're dead and gone
My mark in your life
Swims away in your mind
Colliding with lightening
And flashes behind your eyes
Memories' last too many days
And convert into dreams
Then become so surreal
They perish


You're so afarid
To step foot in my room
Afarid I'll flood
Your soul and
Expose all the sorrow
You locked in a safe
In the back of your brain
I'm not even there
Nowhere in view
Still the Earth can't move on
And the rain can't stop pouring
My body's nonexisitent
I've turned into dust

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