My Solace

December 30, 2009
By Ashley Baxter BRONZE, Huntsville, Texas
Ashley Baxter BRONZE, Huntsville, Texas
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This aperture that leads me free…
I was trembling and quite unwilling at first
Now it’s my only alibi, my solace.
Such an intricate maze
That led me to a big fall
Into a love’s impasse,
Yet I don’t long to relapse to the past,
This window acquaints me with fascination.
In this view, the sun embraces the earth,
The stars become intertwined with dusk,
And radiance takes an ostentatious stand.
It is enticing, the filament of love,
And the valley of what is concealed;
Elating disposition that I’ve wandered into.
Confine me into something as mere as nothing,
Transform me into the rapture of ecstasy:
Contrive me to be statuesque,
Cascade the rays of light onto me,
And carry me afar and forever into the stars
That once embraced the dusk,
For you are as my solace
And I’m guarded in your loose grasp
That retains me in love and oblivion;
As you are a revelation to me, my solace,
Your love is bountiful and heavy in abundance;
You set me free.

The author's comments:
I guess it's kind of about friendship, and mixed emotions, I don't really know how I was feeling when I wrote it. I just spilled my heart out on paper. In a way it has to do with God.

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