All the World's a Stage

December 30, 2009
I sat and stared in the mirror
I had to send myself a message in a bottle
just to get through
Under this bubble wrap of lies you spoke
To keep me safe

Now I'm broken
suffocating and weak
and no one knows it because
they are an audience
and I am an actor

Please don't let me stay here in this world
where only tears and pain are real
This is my call out
All I ask is for you to see me, invisible
And not to leave me alone

I am only hanging on by a whisper
The power is yours
Will you tell me the truth?
Or kill me with that last lie?

Either way
my breath is gone
my heart still broken

The moment comes
Time stops into a staring standstill
And one mocking laugh leaves your lips
Truth is relative, does not exist
but tears and pain do

A knock at the door breaks my reverie
It creaks open like an old jar
Is pushed by an impatient hand
Yes, just about...

I stare once again into the mirror
But hardly recongnize the smiling face
I brush away the tear,
the evidence,
from face and walk out the door.

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