Love And Trial

December 30, 2009
By lizzikm GOLD, Rochester, New York
lizzikm GOLD, Rochester, New York
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"You get ideas from daydreaming, you get ideas from being bored. The only differences between writers and other people is that we realize when we're doing it.

Every day a new pair
Says "I do" to one another.
Everyday another person
Cries for the loss of their lover.
Everyday a baby
Wails it's first sign of life.
People feel joy,
And people feel sorrow,
And anger and hurt and emotional.
But how can we choose what to do With ourselves, when we're not Being given a choice?
Our parents had choices,
And theirs and so forth.
But they take choice away and tell Us "You'll get hurt!"
If what I choose makes me feel,
Bring on the pain and the hurt!
And if you question my judgement,
Just forget it fo I am sure

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