Remember Me?

December 29, 2009
By AmandaH SILVER, Woodbridge, Virginia
AmandaH SILVER, Woodbridge, Virginia
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Remember Me?
I am the girl you scorned,
Simply because I was different.
Remember Me?
I am the girl who always stopped to watch you pass,
Or would smile at you in class.
Remember Me?
At one time you were my best friend,
Before you traded friendship for popularity.
Remember Me?
You signed my yearbook only to insult me,
I signed yours with a heart.
Remember Me?
You talked to my brother all the time,
But you would glare if I came close.
Remember Me?
I walked down to teh skate park every day last summer to find you,
But you were never there.
Remember Me?
You used to care about me.
I was always in love with you.
Remember Me?
I moved away and you were there,
But you didn't say goodbye.
Remember Me?
I never moved on,
Even if you did.
Remember Me?

The author's comments:
I had a very nostalgic, heart breaking moment when I realized I was still in love with my old crush from back west.
Very depressing, as I'm almost 2000 miles away, you know?
This comes off as him being a jerk, but he really was sweet, before he got all brainwashed-like (or whatever you call getting wrapped around a preppy girl's finger). And even then he had his moments.

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