set me free

December 29, 2009
By lost♥in♥love SILVER, Waterloo, Wisconsin
lost♥in♥love SILVER, Waterloo, Wisconsin
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everyone sez that love hurts, but thats not true. its things like lonlieness, Rejection, & Losing someone that hurt. In reality, LOVE is the only thing in this world that covers up that pain and makes us feel wonderful again

each and every day
i feel like less
slowly getting smaller
my life is such a mess

every time i try
to turn everything around
it all goes back to the way it was
and im stuck on the ground

it seems like
part of me has been ripped open
and theres all these
words that are left unspoken

i just need to go somewhere, where
nothings wrong and all is right
that one special place
where i wont ever have to fight

im stuck where i am now
unable to be free
all i really want is
to be able to be me

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