Happy Endings

December 29, 2009
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Do you believe in fairy tales?

That is something my mother always asked me before

I drifted off to the sound of her loving, placid voice.

But I never gave her an answer. So unsure of what my

Life would come to be. Now thinking back, I’m so very

Grateful to myself for neglecting to respond. For now I

Am not so certain that she would see me as something to

Be satisfied of with. Maybe it wouldn’t exactly be me,

However, something within me. I know this to be a fact,

Because what I see in the eye of my soul is a reflection of

Who I long to be. my derelict heart has shattered into a

Trillion pieces, and hope seems to have run away from the

Home, the home that I have built for it inside of me. now

I am hopeless. snow white without her dwarfs.

Cinderella without her glass slipper.

The princess without her pea.

Where’s my happy ending?

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