Popcorn + Clouds/Letter to you

December 29, 2009
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I admit it,
It's hard,
Having you gone.

Everything was great,
Good times.

Then it struck,
Like a hurricane,
But not given a second thought.

He appeared,
Out of thin air,
Just like,
Never mind.

We were happy,
Just two kids,
Eating popcorn,
And watching the clouds.

But now?,

He seemed nice,
And funny,
But then,
Man were we wrong.

What would've happened,
If you didn't meet him?,
What if,
I didn't promise you?.

Forget it,
You're dead,
He's hurting someone else,
And I'm left with loss.

You'd come to school,
Black eyes,
Bruised arms,
A bloodied nose.

You'd still come,
But this time,
With bleeding cuts.

If i could,
I'd go back,
Change it,
You'd be here,
But I can't.

I'm sorry,
I should've spoken up,
But I didn't,
Cause you said no.

March 12, 2005,
That's when,
When you slit your throat.

I'm not so sad anymore,
I still miss you,
And it's hard,
But I know,
That you're in a good place.

Save me a spot,
We'll get our wings,
And fall asleep,
On the clouds we watched.

R.I.P Sammie,
I'm okay,
I can let you go now.

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