Didn't get the Memmo

December 29, 2009
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Whith your lips pressed against mine, I have found a brief moment of perfection,
Whith your lips against mine, I trembled I shook, I pulled away, not out of breath, but light headed and nervouse before you,
Then you took my hand and pulled me close, You hugged me so tight, And truth be told I never ever wanted you to let go,
Because whith you, I can always depend on a smile, Whith you I have found a breif perfection,
Whith you, I was invensible,
whith you I was someone, whith you I was something, whith you I found love,pain, hope, smiles, tears, agony, perfection,
Whith you I found unreqited love, I loved you entirley to much but no one gave me the memmo, you know, telling me look before you leap, and there I went leaping, hopping, springing, hoping you'd be there to catch me when I fell,
When I leaped you were no were to be found, I fell on my face, I fell on my heart, You didn't catch me, afer you promised me you would, you didn't care was the worst part, it didn't seem to bother you not one bit, consider the memmo recived;
Whith you I found; love I never thought would fade, pain which I ignored, hope which I had so much of, smiles that were true, tears that stained my pillow at night, agony which still fills my heart, perfection in every thing you did, what I also found with you I hate to say was that I found deception in every way!

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Smileyj789 said...
Feb. 27, 2010 at 4:27 pm
This piece is beautifully put together, and made me cry8) you write so beautifully, keep up all the wonderful work!!!
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