Can You?

December 29, 2009
Can you feel it?
Deep down inside, where no one can see it,
Right next to my heart, only you can free it.
The only one that makes me cry,
That makes me laugh,
That makes me sigh,
Even after it's all through,
Can you feel it too?

Can you hear it?
The high-pitched squeal of pure excitement,
My friends' long-needed incitement,
The reason I can't just let you go,
The weeping of my heart just tends to grow.
Random happiness; the only clue,
Can you hear it too?

Can you see it?
Intent gazes, too many praises,
That look in my eyes that comes in phases,
The one that makes me laugh so hard,
Hanging onto sanity by only a shard,
Memories coming right out of the blue... you love me too?

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