December 29, 2009
By JustNicole BRONZE, Austin, Texas
JustNicole BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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It was raining one day,
I wanted to play.
But there was nothing that I could see.
Even so, i went outside to find my all,
But fell on my knee.
Later that day, I wanted some candy,
I got a piece happily,
But my mom saw it and said,
"Put that candy down, Ms. Jubilee!"
Yes, my name is Jubilee,
You've got a funny name too.
You don't like my name?
Well I just don't like you!
Anyway, my day's gone bad,
Probably the worst I've ever had.
To make it worse,
My sister came home from the house of her friend, Tad.
(Her name is even worse, it kind of makes me glad...)

The author's comments:
this is a poem i wrote when i was REALLY young... i think it is the first real poem that i've written (by the way my name isn't really Jubilee) :)

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