Opening Night

December 28, 2009
By godfreyp BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
godfreyp BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
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Rehearsals are over,
Jitters are setting in,
The sounds of the surroundings are drowned out by the self enclosed fear of failure,
The possibility of disappointing,
The desire to be the greatest,
The thoughts of a flawless performance,
But no matter what the outcome,
leave everything on the 'stage',
As the curtains part,
the instant warmth of that moment,
the overwhelming comfort,
Finally, it was my moment in the spotlight,
The sounds of the 'stage' as if applauding my every move,
and as the 'audience' as they asked for more,
the more I gave,
filling every individual need of the 'audience',
and in that performance,
the welcoming sensation,
the heightened emotions,
the transferred pleasure,
the intensity held within those moments,
the subtle changing of the scenes,
and the ending satisfaction,
all help to create a unique atmosphere,
different from any performance before,
with this performance,
for the first time,
I wasnt just an actor,
I was real,
the moment was real,
everything was real,
and as i absorbed that moment,
I stare into the eyes of my audience,
my lips part for the first time,
and a confession departs,
admitting to the surreal experience experience just witnessed between the two,
and as the curtains fall,
the performance lingers throughout our minds,
As I lay in the bed that night,
Reliving every moment,
Reminiscing over every scene,
and feeling confident with the fact that,
Never will my audience forget our,
"Opening Night"

The author's comments:
Just a lil something I wrote..

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