Abnormal Normality

December 28, 2009
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I feel strange.
I feel as if I'm on the outside looking in. The world moves around me wallowing in its existence, while I don't seem to be alive at all.
Not that I feel dead or not quite living.
I feel too alive to be here.
It's not that I dislike my life...I just don't feel as if I am a being the same as all of the rest.
I live in spirit, outside of my flesh.
This vessel in which I am consumed sometimes cannot contain me at all.
My spirit lives!
My spirit sees and I am truly one with God!
For I realize this vessel will not be my final destination; maybe this is the reason why I often leave it.
Maybe this is the reason why I don't just settle here.
This is not my home;
these are only the barracks in which I temporarily rest.
Out of body experience is so abnormal to the eyes of the world, but to me the world's abnormal is normal.
The world's normal is abnormal.
The world sees me as backwards; a contradiction to the system.
I see the world as backwards and completely lost.
I feel wonderful.
I feel so at peace in God alone.

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