Can you tell me why?

December 28, 2009
I look at you and see your smile.
Though it won't heal all you've done.
When I gave my heart to you, What was your first thought?
When you kept it and held on tight, we were so in love, right?
When you met her, did you still love me?
When she stole you away, did you care?
When our hearts drifted, was she first?
What happened to my heart?
When you started to hold my poor heart above the cliff, did you consider me?
When you let go, did it occur to you that I wanted to stay?
When I was falling, my world spinning and falling apart, did you find it easy to laugh?
When I crashed into the cold water of my tears, did you care?
When I learned to crawl, did you want to teach me to run?
When I crawled back to you, did you hurt?
When I stood up and forgave you, did you love me?
When she pulled you away, did you want to be with me?

And now that your holding me, as I cry about you and her, am I still your first priority?
Because I'm selfish. I don't like it. I hate you being with her. Its not fair to me.
Please. Keep me with you. I don't want to be your best friend.
I want to be so much more. I hate it. And I just have one question for you.

If You answered yes to all of the above, why am I not your only love?

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