December 28, 2009
By amor96 BRONZE, Huntley, Illinois
amor96 BRONZE, Huntley, Illinois
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Never thought could feel this blank. I just want to go crawl in a dark hole and never come out. My heart has been shattered into a bunch of small parts and yet still yearn for his touch on my cheek, yearn for his kiss on my lips and to his embrace around my hips. In the back of my head I know that I can no longer want to have these feelings, I am prepared to break the law and fight for him. Regardless of what people are saying about him i will always love him, and that never ever change. Hes my savor from the world that is lost now. the world that would end me up in a coffin. He is my God, not because of its appearance, which contributes, but his heart, most purest object in the world that It had the power to could send me down to this world of no profit but he didn't, he saw that I could stand on my own feet. Only a small, even if I was a little was a little wobbly and for this I am greatful. I still wish I could cuddle up to him, I am grateful I had him in my life and I still do. He will always be my ... Savor

The author's comments:
This is about my boyfriend . He broke up with me . We did get back together . But this is how I was feeling when it all happened. I think everyone kind of feels the same when you get dumped or when you dump someone. They were once apart of your life, so when the leave there is kind of a hole there. it heals over time and some heals faster then other, i hope that this will help heal others a little. try making the best of everything , it will help in the long one. Good luck to anyone out there who needs it, i wish you the best(:

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