Were Meant for Another but Fell for Eachother.

December 28, 2009
By Anonymous

We started out friends and loved different people. Fell for someone knew and then we were glued. We saw through eachother and knew what was wrong. Till something I knew went horribly wrong. I fell for a boy you knew was real bad. You said he was stupid and was only going to let me down. I said you're wrong and we went separte ways I told you I hated you but you said too late. I didnt know what you ment till I saw him again he looked nothing like you and I had to give in. I was stupid enough to let you go I fell for you and could not let you go. I called you back up you answered hello. I said I was sorry and you went on and on about how much you needed me. I couldnt help cry because we loved different people in the beggining were meant to end up with them but ended falling for one another.

The author's comments:
i have no clue why i made this i mean the boy i like is in love wihmy enemy.

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