Sunshine Fading

December 28, 2009
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I found rainbows and smiles in those four magical days,
I found my-self for a brief moment,
The way you broke my heart was like no other before you,
Alone with my tears,
my heart ache,
and those memmories,
memmories that seem to be on permanent rewind,
and you,
you go on as if I was a little piece of no one in nothing,
You come around and hurt me more,
with your put downs and comparisons,
You took my rainbow away,
My smiles my laughs,
You took my dreams and sunshine away,
Without giving me a chance,
Overe and over again tose memmories play,
each one steals a piece of me heart away,
And once my heart is gone I will be blank,
My heart or what's left of it is on my sleve,
But no one seems to see,
can some one please give my sunshine, my rainbows, my smiles and my laugs back to me!!?

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