Transitory Promenade

December 27, 2009
I wait as the cactus flowers fade away.
Pink, the summer blossom goes.
It watches as a moon turns into a sun,
Twilight into dawn.

The petals droop, ragged tethers as they are.
Life like a butterfly,
A hummingbird that flits as if an eye,
Dancing before the cellar door.

Good morning, sun.
Have you come to welcome me away?
My face a pale reflection
Of your shadow.

Grass prickles into my clothes
Dry reminders cut too short.
I see the moss that intertwines them,
The roots that make their fort.

Green skies fill my head.
The birds of the earth twitter and chirp.
Eight legs leap stalk to stalk, the silent predator.
A silly ant escapes another trap.
A baby beetle learns to fly.
Simple eyes undim without the shade
Green skies turn to blue.

Where's the wind tugging at my underarmour
Crustaceous shells whipped from my wings
Iridescent shades burn
My eyes.

Bye-bye, summer bloom.
Pink, lost to sweet,
Sweet, sweet, sweet


Blue skies,
Empty sighs,
She dies.

A new sun burns into the earth.
Water wears its selfish shield, far away.
My eyes are growing weary
Of sight.

Good morning, day.
It's nice to see you again.
Sometime I'll say goodnight.

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