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December 27, 2009
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It's going to be hard
Going to school everyday
With all you people looking at me
And not believing what I say
You all called me you friend
And yet you doubt me
They made it all up
Why can't you see what I see
I know who they really are
I have seen there true colors
But they put up a front
For all the others
I don't know how it go this far
Or why they had to lie
Maybe to make themselves look good
But then they had to denie
Everything that they did
Everything that was said
They were the only person
To make me wish I was dead
I had thought I found love again
But maybe I was wrong
There's no reason for your hate
We just don't belong
I don't want to believe this
I don't want it to be true
I want you in my life
Because it's hard to survive without you
I actually feel stronger now
And I want to live
Why should they stop me
I have more to give
I offer more to the world
And my morals are pure
Lets just say your young
And I am mature
Because I hold my head up high
And I have all the proof
I don't have to feel this way ever again
Cause I know the truth
Your words mean nothing
And nothing will faze me
I may no have you
But I have my real friends and family
So the war is over between us
I can finally let go
but you have to admit
we put on quit a show
Now it's time to move on
And time to forget
but I will always remember our
is something to never regret
There's a life lesson to be learned
In everything we do
No matter how hard it is
I'm strong enough to make it threw
I guess there is
Just one more thing to admit
Don't you dare speek to me again
I'm done with your BULL

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_lUNATiC_ said...
Jan. 19, 2010 at 6:44 pm
i guess,i could totally relate..i always tend to have friend betryal and its not easy dealing with those hurts way no express how lonely you feel.
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