Dark Spaces

December 27, 2009
By Anonymous

I don’t like it in here

It’s too dark

I’m scared

Why am I in such a small place?

I can barely breath

And sometimes I think that I don’t breath

Then I remember

I can’t breath

Not in such a small place

I wish that I could leave

But I can’t leave

I’ll be here for all eternity

Waiting... watching... hoping

I guess for a second I forgot

Forgot that I was dead

Lying in a coffin

Not knowing what’s going on in the world

Not knowing who’s good

And who’s evil

Not knowing if anyone cares

Cares that I’m lying in a coffin


Not breathing

I’m dead

I wish that I wasn’t

But there’s no changing the past

I’m dead

For all eternity

I’m dead

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