"Mama, My Mama"

December 27, 2009
Mama, my mama
Whom I miss so much,
Isn't around anymore.
Where are you, my mama?
Now, she's not around to give
Me her hugs and kisses.

Mama, my mama
Where are you, my great-great-aunt?
You have watched me grow all
These passing years.
Now I watch you, in your
White hospital bed.

Mama, my mama
Traveling from the home to the
hospital. Have you forgotten me?
Now I look at you, and you have
lost everything.
You used to laugh and play so much.
Your eyes always outshining the sun.

Mama, my mama
Who used too hold me so tight,
Is now on her hospital bed
With hoses coming out of her body.
Now all you can do is look at me.
Now all you can do is dream.

Mama, my mama
You now do not seem like my mama.
Now, you are a loved old woman
Who is on top of her hospital bed.
Can't even breathe by herself.
Can't even laugh.

Mama, my mama
Where are you, my mama?
Don't you dare leave me.
You said God would help you,
But where is He now?
We wait, we wait, and still,
We wait...

Mama, my mama
Keep fighting for your life.
I will be right beside you.
Your suffering will soon end,
And I'll be right beside you
When it does.
For no matter what, for always,
You will be
My mama, my great-great-aunt.

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