The Problem With Being Human

December 27, 2009
By JesusFreak101 BRONZE, St. Joe, Missouri
JesusFreak101 BRONZE, St. Joe, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"I will die for my God, I will die for my faith. It's the least I can do for Christ dying for me." -Cassie Bernall

The problem with being human is:
We want everything done now,
Done the "right way" we...
We want to know everything,
We think we know everything,
We don't. God does
Will we ever?

Will everything
We do ever be totally
right?, done right now?
No. So why don't we leave
it to God? Because we want
To be in control. It's our life, it's mine,
Not God's. And it's also, believe it or not, it's
The Problem With Being Human.

The author's comments:
I'm learning this the hard way. I think it's the only way I learn, the hard way

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