Which chest should I carry

December 7, 2009
By Phillip Martin BRONZE, Stonewall, Mississippi
Phillip Martin BRONZE, Stonewall, Mississippi
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Two chests sit before me
One looks to contain the splender of kings
The other displays only weray workers
I contemplate these two
I can only cary one
Should I take the one of the kings
or should I take the one of the workers
I laugh at myself
Why think over such an obvious choice
with that I grab the golden one
After a short while I begin to tire
This chest is heavy
I look at my chest
Suddenly I discover there is no lock
I open this chest and find gold and silver
Happily I spend this everywhere
I own the finest of valuables
But no matter how much I spend
My chest only gains weight
I tire
I begin to suffer
I ache from the stress of carrying this
I am sick from exhaustion
I feel as if to die
But I do not want to give up my gold
I eat and drink and am far from any work
But quickly my chest weighs on me
After a long time of indecision
I say, "No wealth is worth this torment!"
Suddenly at my feet I see two chests
My chest and one engraved with weary workers
I contemplate the two
After a while I give a sigh of resignation
I pick up this small wooden box
It is light and easy to carry
Yet I must work for my food
My food and liffe are now simple
I decide to take a look at my chest
What is my reward for carrying this I wonder
But my box is locked
And I have not the key
So I continue on my way
I live my life
A worker
Tired and weary
When I reach the end of my road
I see a key on the ground
I pick it up
It goes to my chest
My curiousity finally is sated
Inside the chest is a large key of gold
It is inscribed
This is what it says
"This opens large Pearl Gates to New Life."
The best decision of my life
Was to take this humble box
And lay down the chest with its kingly ways.

The author's comments:
I got the idea for writing this poem while I was reading the Bible. I started thinking about how living in sin (the golden chest) may be fun and enjoyable for a while but it will make you suffer after a time. Adversly living as God would have you to (the wooden box) isn't always fun and, you can never live a perfect life, but in the end living for God makes all the difference.

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