Trust killed the Kat, the Kitten Tried to Help

December 11, 2009
By Beautifully_Broken BRONZE, Milltown, Indiana
Beautifully_Broken BRONZE, Milltown, Indiana
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Tears welling behind my eyes
You don't give a f***?
Well guess what
Now I don't
Tired of all your s***
Sick of trying to fix things
Maybe they don't need changing
Blame me for everything if you wish
Fine it's my fault, whatever
Music blaring won't help the tension
It's so thick and ever present
Could probably cut it with a plastic sword
Wish I could block this all out
Don't want me to help?
That's fine with me
Just go and waste your life
Its so not my problem
Not anymore
Want me to talk?
Well here, I'm f***ing talking

The author's comments:
So, my best friends of seven years and I got in a huge fight. Then we managed to patch things up, but I thought she needed some serious help (counselor style) so another friend and I went to the school counselor. The friend got majorly TICKED and now hates us.

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