December 10, 2009
By Amanda Gurock BRONZE, New City, New York
Amanda Gurock BRONZE, New City, New York
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Though I’m not a quiet girl,
Many people seem to think that I am
Teachers say I need to talk more
Because I never raise my hand
I want them all to think differently
My opinions and voice do exist
I have a personality
I just hope that people can see it

Sometimes I like keeping things to myself
Why should everyone know everything about me?
I always hear horrible rumors about everybody else
And the target of a rumor is not what I want to be
Yes, I admit that I can be shy
But I know that I can overcome embarrassment
With so many things running around in my mind
I guess that my ability to speak clearly ends up being absent

I hate feeling like I’m just another girl
Because I know that I am so much more than that
I want people to see that I have an identity
Even though I refuse to share my ideas during class
My face turns red and I get nervous
Why does everyone have to look at me?
I’d rather be quiet and wait for the right moment
To share an idea that I think I could say correctly

People always tell me that I’m quiet in school
When they see me outside, I’m not the same
I speak out against things I don’t think are cool
Because I don’t want to be associated with something
That may harm my name
I promise that I do talk and I do say how I feel
I am a person with feelings
My voice is real.

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